Smart Business Tips

There are distinct advantages to living in a small, rural community in the United States, and there some special smart business tips for business owners within them to strengthen the economy and build a unique quality of life – built on local assets. The world at large is experiencing economic shifts; they are different than the challenges faced by rural communities, such as rapid growth around metropolitan edges that give way to loss of valuable farm and working land, and declining population as opportunities appear also to diminish.

It is a difficult task for rural areas to keep their policies and technology congruent with the prosperity they hope to create… staying all the while at the edge of metropolitan development. Such a task calls for smart growth strategies to achieve goals for growth and development – and maintain the distinct rural “character.”

  • PLANNING for the type of growth where business can thrive on an inviting main street, and families can live close by.
  • CREATING the kind of policies necessary to protect the rural landscape and preserve the environment, and balance recreation and tourist attractions that bring revenues to the local economy.
  • PROVIDING support for a natural flow of walking, biking and other types of public transit that are affordable and do not disrupt the flavor of the community.

This section of the Gooding Chamber of Commerce website is intended to provide vision and possibilities for growing a thriving rural community.