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McDonald’s Restaurant | Bill Kyle

McDonald’s Restaurant 
Bill Kyle
261 Fourth Ave North
Twin Falls ID 83301
(208) 934-5010


When he was just 30 years old, Kyle decided to open a McDonald’s, but like most people starting a franchise, Kyle was in need of a loan.

“At the time, the McDonald’s franchises were very expensive, even back then,” said Maurice Clifton, who was the vice president and manager of Bank of Idaho and granted Kyle the loan he needed.

“When I decided to own a McDonald’s restaurant, he was there and had the faith in me even though I didn’t have any kind of a previous business track record. He had the faith in me and the faith in the McDonald’s system to go out on a limb and give me a loan that – at the time – I thought there was not that much money in the whole world,” said Kyle.

Clifton was the first paying customer at the original restaurant and was there alongside Kyle and family for the ribbon cutting Wednesday, just as he had been in 1973.